What is a Volcano? Facts & Information – Geography for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

What is a Volcano? Facts & Information – Geography for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

presents : What Is A Volcano?

Watch this video to know more about volcanoes, where the name comes from, how they are formed and so on.

The term ‘Volcano’ is derived from the name of Vulcan, the god of fire, in Roman mythology. To understand the activity of volcanoes, you need to first understand the structure of the Earth.

A volcano is a mountain from where the molten rocks or magma erupt through the surface. In simple terms, a volcano is an opening in the earth’s surface from which the molten rocks and gases escape out. Once the magma erupts through the Earth’s surface, it is called lava. The temperature of the lava may range from 700 to 1200 degrees Centigrade.

Common volcanic gases include carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide and water vapour. Volcanic eruptions can send ash high into the air, over 30 km above the earth’s surface.

Scientists have broadly classified the volcanoes into three categories: Active, Dormant and Extinct, based on their activity. An active volcano is one that has had an eruption in the last few years. A Dormant volcano is one that has erupted way back in the past and still has the potential to erupt again. An extinct volcano is one that scientists think probably would not erupt again.

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