Urban Survival Solutions Overview Video

Urban Survival Solutions Overview Video

URBAN SURVIVAL SOLUTIONS: Self Defense & Real-World Urban Survival Tactics for Tomorrow’s Unknown…

What if? The inconvenient thought of a violent act or disaster actually happened?

We are all plagued with information and media rhetoric about violent crime, terrorism, an economic collapse and natural disasters. The fact is, we really do live in troubled times with great risk exposures that are looming under the inherent laws of probability. It is said that over 96% of all Americans are grossly and unsystematically prepared for any type of national disaster or violent tribulation. Homeland Security and FEMA even display set examples on their national Web sites about how all Americans should prepare with food, water, and survival rations if in the event of an emergency for a three to four day period (not enough). Americans unfortunately seem dismissive of these suggestions due to media hyped redundancy and desensitization. “As we turn of the TV, we turn off the likelihood of violence?”

Most people prefer not to worry nor be concerned with the current national events. They believe that it happens to other people who live in bad areas, and if they ignore it and put it out of their minds, perhaps it will “just go away.” This is called: Normalcy Bias. Most people do not want the unpleasant thoughts of mayhem, disruption and inconvenient living styles–until it actually happens. We teach the truth about preparedness without the stark paranoia of “doom and gloom.”

We are not capitalizing on hype nor sensationalizing danger in the streets, we are just better preparing the public what to expect in the event of a disaster happening…

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