This is ACDS® defense, survival, competition join us

This is ACDS® defense, survival, competition join us

ACDS is comprised of 61 numbered techniques, distributed over 4 different areas: competition, self-defence for civilians (ACDS URBAN), self-defence for security personnel (ACDS LAW ENFORCEMENT) and close combat for military (ACDS MILITARY).
The basis is specific to ACDS for all components, changing only upon the final objective: immobilization, handcuffing, short and long-range fire weapons, cane or pepper spray.
Competition is the smallest part of the system, while ACDS URBAN is the largest.
Martial arts cannot always solve every problem, competition has its rules, civilians don’t need to immobilize the aggressor as security forces do, and military personnel needs the two previous components plus direct aggression techniques.
Mental readiness to endure pain, not giving up, using verbal and body language communication, are also part of the training methods.
Good physical condition, stretching, balance training, agility and other attributes are vital aspects for a healthy life and balanced and adequate growth.
Survival and first aid training, are also two characteristic points of our system.
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit us at one of our schools and participate on our workshops.
ACDS, the way I see, feel and teach personal defence.

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