The LARGEST Shark In The World – Megalodon

The LARGEST Shark In The World – Megalodon

Does the Megalodon shark exist? Here are top 10 facts you need to know
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It’s true to say that people love the mysterious and the unexplained. Throw in some colorful imaginations and a desire for the improbable to be possible and what you end up with are a number of creatures and phenomenon that get reported every year. From ghosts to fairies to monsters that live in the forest, humans seem obsessed with proving or disproving the existence of the unexplained. In most cases, our logical side knows it’s all ridiculous but there is that shred of belief which keeps us fascinated and hoping it’s true. The majority of creatures and phenomenon that we become obsessed with are often based in little more than folk-tales and urban legends. That is, there’s no tangible proof that a certain creature existed beyond a story dreamt up hundreds or thousands of years ago. In these cases, stories and ‘evidence’ are fuelled 100% by our imaginations.
But what about those monsters and creatures who are based on fact? They may not be readily visible today but there is strong scientific and historic evidence that shows they did exist many years ago. This is the case with the legendary Megalodon, a sea creature shrouded in mystery and whose existence is fuelled almost annually by a certain television channel’s focus on ‘Shark Week.’ As its name suggests, the Megalodon was massive and given the public’s love of all things ‘shark’ it’s understandable why we are obsessed with it. While it lived long before any of us were around, there are more than a few people who swear the Megalodon still lurks in the deep of the World’s oceans. Does the Megalodon really lurk beneath the waves today?

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