Survival Island Modded – Minecraft: Melon Door Part 41

Survival Island Modded – Minecraft: Melon Door Part 41

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Survival Island Modded – Minecraft:
Crash landing on a tropical island Danny & Andre are forced to try and survive with absolutely no idea how they’re going to escape. As night time slowly falls, storms come & go, they begin to realise that this island may not be as easy as the last. Especially when they begin to realise there seems to be some hidden secrets.

Due to popular demand & requests everyday for us to bring it back, Survival Island Modded will be returning with some BIG twists. Not only will the map be different but we will also be changing the mods & adding some extra twists and turns along the way!

Trying to be different from season 1 we looked for mods which will not only create realism for being stranded on a survival island, but also new things to mix things up and add some cool technology, danger & aesthetics.

The map starts with us losing control of our aircraft during a ferocious storm. Waking up after the storm we have limited time to gather some resources & begin creating a shelter before night falls. We soon find that the island holds more secrets than one might expect.

There will also be extra interactive elements added to the series. Puzzles, Riddles & codes will be posted on the XG website for survival helpers to solve helping Danny & Andre progress. There will also be a Survivors Wall where a random person will be chosen from the comments section to have their name added to a sign every episode. Last but not least there will be a room which can be unlocked each time the series reaches a certain like goal, but will the reward be good or bad? Who knows!

►What Mods are we using?
We have listed & linked to all the mods on our website here:

►Where is Survival Island Modded series 1?

►Where are your previous Survival Island series?
Original Survival Island – Map by Wookie – Part 1:

Ashiens Survival Island – Map by Ashien – Part 1:

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