Survival Challenge 2019 Day 1

Survival Challenge 2019 Day 1

Day 1 of 7

Day one of my Advanced Survival Class aka Survival Challenge.
This is a survival scenario based class over a 7 day period. Students are tasked with completing tasks in order to earn back modern gear. They start out with a knife, scarf, mylar blank and a first aid kit. I spend a small amount of time with them each day to check in on them to make sure their health and mental condition is good and that they are completing tasks. This is also a learning environment so if they truly need my help or have any questions, then I am there for them. I will make them struggle if I think they can do it without me but otherwise I give them small nudges in the right direction. Otherwise I leave them to their own devices. So, here is the first day of their adventure!

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