Sense Of Security Possibles Pouch

Sense Of Security Possibles Pouch

For my first ever Youtube video, I filmed a show-and-tell about an S.O.S. (sense of security) belt pouch I made. It features an Altoids-style tin that fits perfectly inside a pouch made for a flip phone or perhaps a pager. The tin is smaller than an Altoids tin, but not as small as an Altoids Smalls tin.

I made the background music myself, and although I pulled the volume down to background music levels in the video, I have a high quality mp3 recording of the background music available for free and you can play it at any volume you like after you receive it.

Get a free mp3 of the music from this episode simply by emailing The Fat Ugly Toad at and requesting a free copy of The Fat Ugly Toad Pilot Soundtrack. After that the mp3 will be emailed back to your email as what they call an attachment to that email.
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