OUR MASSIVE NEW PIRATE SHIP AND PORT! Castle Expansion Started – Colony Survival Gameplay

OUR MASSIVE NEW PIRATE SHIP AND PORT! Castle Expansion Started – Colony Survival Gameplay

Our massive new pirate ship and port! Castle expansion starts in this Colony Survival Gameplay part 3!
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In a game like this where you can build anything it makes sense to build a castle or a house…but what about a pirate ship!? That’s right, we’re going to make a grand ole’ boat, tall and proud, and while we’re at it, we’re also starting to get all of the fancy flax stuff on line, unlocking all sorts of achievements in the meantime. Colony Survival is turning out to be a very neat game mixing a good amount of management, survival, and building in it, I can’t wait to see more and more blocks to decorate stuff though!

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ABOUT: Colony Survival

Build your own village, castle or city and populate it with colonists! Let guards, farmers, miners, foresters, bakers, smelters and artisans work for you. After the sun has set, most colonists will go to bed, but the enemy awakens. A horde of monsters will assault your colony and try to slaughter you and your villagers. Defend your colony with walls, moats and guards!
Multiplayer support: play with friends and strangers!
Advanced pathfinding: colonists and zombies will find their way in the world you’ve build. They will dynamically navigate stairs, bridges and tunnels.
Explore a world with realistically placed biomes. A giant jungle in the center of the world, surrounded by savannas, deserts and temperate biomes. Two polar regions in the far north and south.
Support for textures and language packs created by players
Dynamic lighting and eye adaptation
Voice your suggestions and be part of the development of Colony Survival!


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