Nuclear War: What Will Happen If India And Pakistan Engage In Nuclear War over Kashmir | Urdu

Nuclear War: What Will Happen If India And Pakistan Engage In Nuclear War over Kashmir | Urdu

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In this video you will get to know that what will happen if nuclear war engage between India and Pakistan. What if India attack on Pakistan or if Pakistan attack on India.
There should be no fight between India and Pakistan, if this will happen, then it will be the final war.Atomic war is very dangerous for this world.
As Indian PM Modi remove the article no 370 & 35 A in Kashmir, there is too much chance of nuclear war between India & Pakistan over Kashmir issue.
If we want no fight between India and Pakistan then we must need to solve the kashmir issue as soon as posible.
PM Imran khan recently declare that we will fight for kashmir socialy, moraly in every situation.
The latest news is not gud for both contries Pakistan as well as India, anything can happend with in few days.
Be awae of it that we are in 2019, not in 1971.
اگر ایٹمی جنگ ہوئی تو پاکستان جیتے گا یا بھارت
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