my top 33 prepper items for beginners

my top 33 prepper items for beginners

I am not a survivalist, but I do believe in prepping, in having supplies and a plan for temporary outages of power and water and food for as long as 6 months and hopefully 12 months as time goes by. I just think there are too many variables to plan for much longer based on my personal circumstances, location and abilities.
It can be beneficial to learn what other preppers are doing to benefit from their experience.
The most important assets to survive a situation will not be things we can buy but will be who we are individually and as a group. our physical, mental and spiritual health and our relationships will be the most important things and by focusing on them we can enrich our present lives regardless of any future survival situations.
For the things I have bought or still want to buy to help survive many of them were purchased on Amazon. You can go to my store on Amazon and see the links there and if you then buy anything on Amazon in 24 hours they pay me a few cents. It helps a lot.
My Amazon store

Many of the items can be found at the Dollar Tree dollar store or even cheaper at Walmart.
The bulk food I mentioned can be found at the Mormon website here.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts on prepping too.

1 Health, physical, mental, spiritual 02:40
2 Family,friends,neighbors,community relationships 03:53
3 .water key T 05:21
4 water filter straws 06:27
5 ceramic water filter 06:33
6 gallon zip loc bags and pills 06:47
7. jugs and DIY water jug faucet 07:25
8 gillnet, cast nets, bird netting 08:24
9 fishing tackle for trotlines 09:43
10 bow fishing crossbow 10:04
11 rat trap squirrels lobsters (forgot to add it)
12 air pump pistol birds and flies 10:42
13. slingshots and spare rubber DIY 11:18
14.pepper spray 11:36
15 9mm carbine, shotgun, pistol and ammo 11:49
16. bulk grain rice beans milk 13:03
17 vitamix 13:54
18.folding bike and patches tubes 14:36
19. inflatable raft Katrina island bug outs 15:05
20 solar lights candles lighters in rice 15:50
21 dollar store soaps, unscented bleach shampoo, etc 16:37
22 first aid supplies no aspirin 17:15
23 paper goods 17:43
24 car fluids no tires 18:09
25 sewing kit 18:44
26 adhesives, hot glue jb weld duct tape epoxy fiberglass 18:53
27 cutting tools ax hatchet knife machete shovel hoe sharpener 19:31
28 tarps and cordage 20:14
29 mosquito netting 20:40
30 propane alcohol stove plus knowledge of other stoves 21:14
31 forever foods salt sugar vinegar baking soda honey 22:47

A few very special people have saved the Amazon link I will provide below and use the link to enter Amazon and buy the stuff they normally buy on Amazon. This is my link to my Amazon store where you can see stuff I have bought and liked a lot over the years. You do not have to buy anything from the store, just by using my link to enter Amazon anything you buy on Amazon will help me out at no cost to you. Didn’t you want to buy an island or jet aircraft on Amazon today?

I want to thank you guys again for showing up and watching me trying to have a little fun or show you something that might help you out. I made YouTube videos for fun years before they paid a penny and I will continue to do so as long as it is fun or interesting.
see ya out there.
Robb Moffett
Robb’s Homemade life
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