Mountain overnighter & a little Microadventure- Vanessa Blank – Bushcraft & Survival

Mountain overnighter & a little Microadventure- Vanessa Blank – Bushcraft & Survival

Do you want to join me on a real micro-adventure?
It will be exciting. Promised.
Come with me!

Best regards,

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✔️ From this video✔️

✔️Mammut backpack

✔️Tent Pathfinder/Wechsel

✔️Sleeping pad Wechsel

✔️Wechsel Guardian sleeping bag

✔️ Klean Kanteen bottle

✔️Pocket knife Alox Pioneer

✔️ Uco candle latern

✔️ Watch Casio


✔️ Haix Scout shoe


✔️First Aid

✔️ Tasmanien Tiger Pouch

✔️ Pepper spray

✔️ Garmin GPS

✔️Piexon pistol

✔️Toaks Titan cup

✔️ Harness Ladies

✔️Harness Men´s

✔️ Helmet / Mammut

✔️ Buff

✔️ Olight X7R “pocket” light

✔️ Olight Mini S1R

Favorite gear:

✔️Fjällräven mini pocket bag

✔️ Ultralight merinowool blanket

✔️ Uco candlelatern

✔️DD Tarp

✔️ Garmin GPS

✔️Fjällräven trousers

✔️ Fällkniven F1

✔️ Gränsfors Bruks small axe

✔️Swiza pocket knife:

✔️Trink Natura bottle:

✔️Paraloop bracelet:

✔️Wechsel tent pathfinder

✔️Sleeping bag Carinthia Defence 4

✔️ Sleeping pad Wechsel:

✔️ BE-X FronTier One Rugged Reflective Bivy Tarp

✔️ Savotta Grenzjäger backpack

✔️ KHS Reaper Tactical watch

✔️ Binacular

Fire & cooking:
✔️ 2 pound Fatwood
✔️ Bushbox XL
✔️ Light my Fire-Firesteel
✔️ Bushbox Titan LF
✔️ MSR gasoline cooker
✔️ Esbit cooker

➡️Eat & drink:
✔️Titan Plate
✔️ Klean Kanteen bottle
✔️Toaks cooking set
✔️Nalgene bottle

✔️ Haix Scout
✔️ Haix KSK
✔️Jacket Helikon-Tex Patriot

✔️Nordisk Faxe tent
✔️Snugpak bivouac sack
✔️Sleeping pad
✔️Sleeping pad Thermarest
✔️ DD Tarp Ultralight
✔️ DD hammock
✔️ Salewa Denali II Zelt

✔️ Olight R50 Seeker flashlight
✔️ Eneloop – Best AA Accu

➡️Knive and equipment:
✔️MoraKniv Bushcraft knive
✔️Böker Exskelibur Folder
✔️Puma “Auto” Messer
✔️ DC4 grindstone
✔️Fällkniven F1 Pro
✔️Alox Pioneer
✔️Schweizer Taschenmesser
✔️ Leatherman Freestyle
✔️ Leatherman Signal

➡️Backpack :
✔️Savotta Jäger II black
✔️ Savotta Jäger II oliv
✔️ Link zum Fjällräven mini backpack No.21 ✔️ Mammut backpack 40 Liter
✔️ Wisport backpack 45 Liter
✔️ Tasmanien Tiger Pouch
✔️ Praktical packsack

✔️ Wetterlings axe – Small Hunting

✔️ Powerbank
✔️ Nite Ice – S Biner
✔️ Petlinge
✔️Garmin GPS
✔️ help

✔️Pepper pistol
✔️Guardian pepper pistol
✔️Piexon pistol

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