Minecraft Xbox Subscriber Kingdom – Is He Back? (Update News) – [114] – Survival

Minecraft Xbox Subscriber Kingdom – Is He Back? (Update News)  – [114] – Survival

HEY! Welcome to the 2ND Anniversary VIDEO an update on some of the newest builds within Subscriber Kingdom! See you soon! 😀

How to join – ADD these accounts.

Twitter — Follow to contact me —

Facebook – Follow to contact me –

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About the Subscriber Kingdom — The Kingdom was first created as a hotel world for all my piglets to join in. With me leading the world forward and my super helpers to back me up. Things started to take shape. As time went on we built up the world into a village and more. We first started out on Xbox 360 but as time passed we moved over to Xbox One Minecraft.
Where To Stay inside Subscriber Kingdom:
– There are many Inn’s within Pigton (Being the main town) and Subscriber Area.
– Hotel Rooms – Most of the rooms at the moment are put into give-aways over at my twitter.
– Subscriber Area – Collect you resources and build with ME or Solo! Bad at building, Don’t worry I will help you build a house to make it look amazing!
– JOBS – I postboxpat or Superhelpers will set jobs if needed. For example; Save the Villager from the zombie horde. Jobs are to be done to earn emeralds, which is the currency of the Kingdom meaning up can earn higher equipment such as enchanted weapons and tools from Villagers and Stores, I will also reward you with new tools.
All the rules must be followed and must be understood or consequences will be put in place.

Series is also known as (depending on when you joint):

Minecraft Xbox Let’s play with subscribers
Minecraft Xbox Subs World
Minecraft Xbox Hotel world
Minecraft Xbox Hotel Mayhem
Minecraft Xbox Subscriber Village
Minecraft Xbox Pigton
Survival Madness
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