How to strike big and not just scrape through? | #TimelessValues for #PositiveAttitude

How to strike big and not just scrape through? | #TimelessValues for #PositiveAttitude

This work discusses how to achieve / succeed big in life through an interesting short story.

The message indicates that greater success can be attained only when one does what one likes the most and where one can give one’s best. Basically areas of interest and skill to be identified and then continuously tried at. Otherwise, most of the attempts will merely be a failure or scrape through.

This pulls out a wise reference from the great Tamil literature Thirukkural that even if there is no support of God due to our bad Karmic effects in the past, efforts from our present freewill will pay for us proportionately.
Couplet Reference from Thirukkural : “Deivathaan Aagaatheninum Muyarchithan mei varutha Kooli Tharum”.

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