High Mountain Survival Resource: Aspen Conk

High Mountain Survival Resource: Aspen Conk

This video discusses another high mountain resource known as the Aspen Conk. The Aspen Conk is one of the many disease organic to the Aspen tree. It is common that when one aspen tree is diseased the entire aspen colony is likely to experience the same diseases. Aspen Conk looks like many types of horseshoe fungus, but aspen conk is only found to be living on aspen trees.

Aspen Conk is great for smudging shelters, fire lighting, fire maintenance during times of dispersed location and poor weather, carrying fire from one camp to another, warding of flying insects and a tamper agent in pine pitch glue. Aspen conk has additional uses, but these are the most popular.

Aspen Conk is not edible. It is not poisonous, but taste bad and can lead to vomiting if consumed. When removed from the tree no damage or harm is inflicted to the tree.

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