Firefighter Survival Training Prop

Firefighter Survival Training Prop

This prop was designed for training firefighter various survival techniques. Each FF was in full turnout and SCBA. Vision was impaired with a simple paper towel in the face piece.

This course started with the FF finding a coupling in a mess of hose, meant to simulate a collapse with a ruptured/down line. The FF had to determine which way lead back to the pump. (We train “smooth-bumb-bump to the pump”). If they followed the line the wrong way, they would have found the nozzle which would mean they were back in the fire.

The prop itself is designed with 2 sections made of 1 4×8 floor and 2 4×8 side walls. In this video, the two sections are lined to form a 4×16 stretch. We can set them side by side, totally separate or in a “T” shape. One side wall is made to simulate 16″ on center framed walls, where the other side is designed with vertical opening, also 16″ on center. This allows for practically endless different scenarios with a short or long course. We can also use sheetrock on the walls rather than the plywood which was used in this video.

If anyone is interested in more info, or have ideas on how to make the prop better, feel free to contact me. Hope you found the prop idea useful. Take care and be safe!

By Matt Lunser

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