EDC IFAK First Aid Kit by 20DollarBandit

EDC IFAK First Aid Kit by 20DollarBandit

Here is a review and some philosophy on my Every Day Carry Individual First Aid Kit. It has been about 7 years since I started to make my own first aid kits. I purchased a small kit from REI, an Adventure Medical Kit I believe, ended up using it within a week. I quickly found how much it sucked! It did not have what I needed and what it did have was not in sufficient quantity to get the wounds treated and dressed. I started by re-stocking the kit with the help of a local medical supply shop and from there I developed my own versions, everything from a EDC IFAK to a kit capable of sustaining a LARGE group of 7-10 guys that I take on all of my Desert trips. What you are seeing today is Gen 12 of that original kit. I have built many kits and sold them as well as made custom kits for friends and family. Bottom line; you should build your own first aid kit, it is less expensive and more importantly, you have what you need when you need it!

Here are a few places that I order supplies from now Chinook Medical ( www.chinookmed.com ) excellent supplier out of Colorado of general and specialized medical supplies. They allow you to purchase individual items or their modular pre-packaged kits. North American Rescue ( www.narescue.com ) is another favorite, I have never used a sharper pair of shears then the ones they sell and the Bear claw gloves are the best you can buy, allot of other great stuff on their site to add to your kit. Both of these companies have excellent customer service and some of the best made medical supplies money can buy both based in the US.

This is just the beginning, I plan on doing a review of my other (2) main kits as well and I will provide some feedback on the individual items you should have in a slightly larger kit and why. I have already done a review of the Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit Now so please check that out also if you are looking for a PALS / MOLLE based medium sized IFAK for attachment to your armor carrier, LBE vest or chest rig.

The EDC IFAK is a great starter first aid kit, especially if you have kids, a knife obsession or do allot of outdoor activities. I have it with me 24/7 and use it on a weekly basis.

I am now selling my MK-5 Mini Kit for $20 here: www.20dollarbandit.com or www.20dbgear.com if you want one for $20 get it now. if you have not seen it check out my MK-5 video on the Kit I designed and made here in the USA!!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the CLS and Army medic kit reviews in the near future!!