Don’t Starve Together – A Survival Guide – Live Until Winter and Beyond!

Don’t Starve Together – A Survival Guide – Live Until Winter and Beyond!

**Reign of Giants update makes this guide best suitable for the No Giants Here Preset. It may still help to an extent.

I’ve decided to make a video showing my own methods at making it to Winter and Surviving until it ends. I may get some things wrong or not do things that others would, but I’ve proven to myself that I can make it to and beyond winter each time. We’re all still learning, maybe this could help a little.

Don’t Starve Together throws you into the thick of it. Without a bit of research, some will feel a bit lost. On one hand, this can be extremely awesome in a time where most games hold your hand and show you where each and every checkpoint/goal is located.

On the other hand, despite figuring out this amazing world on my own, I appreciated the assistance I got from friends and a slight bit of research.

Installed Mods

Combined Status

Minimap HUD

Smarter Crock Pot

Health Info

Food Values – Item Tooltips (Server and Client)

Global Positions


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Ryan Hemsworth
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