CHERNOBYLITE Gameplay Walkthrough (Open World Survival Horror Game In Chernobyl) – Full Game

CHERNOBYLITE Gameplay Walkthrough (Open World Survival Horror Game In Chernobyl) – Full Game

Chernobylite Gameplay Full Walkthrough Part 1 (Open World Survival Horror Game Set In Chernobyl) Stalker + Metro Hybrid – No Commentary

About Chernobylite:
April 26th, 1986, 1:23 AM local time. The day when the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred, and the life of 350,000 people changed forever. At the time, you were just a passionate, but naïve, young physicist working at the facility. And like many, you’ve lost what was most dear to you – your girlfriend. Thirty years later you’re still struggling with the demons of the past. To finally put them to rest, you return to what’s now called the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

The pollution here is increasing because of the unexpected activity of a dangerous substance called “chernobylite”. You’re far from safe. It’s rumored from other stalkers that strange things have started to happen under the influence of chernobylite radioactivity. Things only described in tales for naughty children – until now. Having one goal in mind, uncovering the dark secret behind your girlfriend’s disappearance so that you can find her, you will have to confront not only the dangers of radiation and the military presence there, but also the potential threat emanating from these new mysterious incidents.

Get ready for a thrilling adventure of survival, conspiracy, horror, love, and obsession. One that will prove to you that it’s not about how you face your fears, it’s about how you survive them.

Chernobylite is a science fiction survival horror experience from the team behind the critically-acclaimed Get Even. The game mixes free exploration of its disturbing world with challenging combat, unique crafting, and non-linear storytelling.

The game utilizes Unreal Engine 4 and is based on Reality 51’s scanning technology, which is in development by The Farm 51 for over five years.

Ally or compete with other stalkers of the Chernobyl zone to survive. Remember that life is fragile, and it’s your decisions that determine the fate of your companions. You can spend as long as you need to prepare, however, be aware that your story is still being written. Every passing moment, your chances of success are dwindling: comrades are dying, supplies are running out, or an unexpected patrol could discover you. And on top of all this, supernatural dangers arise around you in mysterious patterns. Each day brings new challenges with the ever-increasing severity of your current situation. Plan your strategy carefully if you want to survive.

Craft your gear and weapons to protect yourself from the hostile military personnel and supernatural threats lurking in the zone. Make use of the sophisticated tools at your disposal to aid you in your struggle while navigating the rough and contaminated environment. Stay undetected and gather all the evidence you can to piece together events from the past.

Decide what happens in the world around you by making choices and finding, or avoiding, the truth.

Maintain your resolve and keep your wits about you, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is not what it once was. No one can foresee the horrors that may have befallen your beloved.)