Beyond Survival | The Wilderness Living Challenge 2016 S01E12 – RUNNING LOW

Beyond Survival | The Wilderness Living Challenge 2016 S01E12 – RUNNING LOW

Jeremy (One Wildcrafter):

The days we spent on The Wilderness Living Challenge were long and near the end tended to blur together. It soon became more or less one long adventure with but a distant beginning. Counting down the days in my mind which dwindled with each passing moment became a habit that I wish I didn’t have to experience. I was truly enjoying myself, perhaps not as much as Jeremy, but while I was not thriving in nature, I wasn’t dead either – at least not yet. A scary thought to be sure.

Just how close we really are to perishing without access to all that our modern life brings us, is a difficult reality to face. Over the course of 5 short days, I was becoming crippled with fatigue. I stumbled out of bed the weakest I have ever felt – and no doubt I was at a fresh new low. At that rate, I was sure to be dead in a few months, maybe even critical in a few weeks, especially with the onset of the cold winter months.

Without modern conveniences, much of our world and its vast human population couldn’t survive, not by a long shot. While I consider myself fairly skilled, a good fisher and hunter, intelligent enough, how would someone who had never started a fire fair in similar conditions? Not well. The learning curve of self-sufficiency is high, but if I came in with a decent knowledge base and someone else came in with nothing, how quickly could they really learn? A modern person’s strength would likely only be their waistline. It would give them a few additional months to figure out how to do some basic things.

Having not found the solution to my problem, I had to lumber forward and face the music of another day – another day hungry.

It was this morning that I realized the pit that smouldered in the hollows of my stomach would not be filled by anything we could reasonably achieve on this trip. I secretly hoped that Jeremy would soon join me and he too would feel the searing pain that a lack of nutrition brought. But this was increasingly unlikely to occur leaving me alone in my misery.

I always faced a choice to either quit or carry on and it wasn’t always easy. I knew the end of the time commitment we had agreed upon was nearing, so knew I could likely continue, but I also didn’t want to lose so much body weight. Having weighed in the day previous, I knew what I was facing. Waking in the wee hours of the morning and laying still, but starving, was my new reality, and it happened with increasing regularity and intensity. I could deal with it while awake since I could trick my body into thinking it was being productive, and getting ahead of the calories it needed, but being still felt like nature was winning and my stomach didn’t like that.

One Wildcrafter (Jeremy):
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