Basic Zombie Survival Kit

Basic Zombie Survival Kit
Zombie Training Official Kit

Basic Zombie Survival Kit
This is not a combat kit. It is to be used with your bugout bag for carry and emergency needs.

This kit contains the following items:

* Survival Dry Box (The tongue & groove construction uses an o-ring for water-resistant dry storage. The built in compass will always be there when you need it. The signaling mirror on the bottom the dry box is the same size as the US armed forces receive in their survivor packs. Double padlock tabs. Lanyard attaching points, to tie it down for rafting trips, ATV’s etc.. The dry boxes use a triple latching system for the best possible seal.)
* LED Crank Light (no batteries needed) (charges by cranking handle)
* Survival First Aid Kit (Our official first aid kit includes an assortment of 43 essential first aid items, including Moleskin. First aid guide included.)
* Emergency Blanket
* Portable Stove (fuel cubes included)
* Hand Warmer
* Waterproof Matches
* Gloves
* Protective Mask
* LED Multi-Light (Glow Stick, Flashlight, Safety Flasher, Whistle All-In-One) (200 hours of battery life) (FREE replacement batteries for life)
* 14″ Zip Tie (75lb test)
* Knife
* Compass
* Flint Striker aka Fire Starter
* Sanitary Wipes


Survival First Aid Kit

Survival First Aid

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