15 Short Riddles And Tips To Upgrade Your Survival Skills

15 Short Riddles And Tips To Upgrade Your Survival Skills

Upgrade your survival skills with a mix of 15 short riddles and tips! Solving this kind of tricky riddles every day exercises your brain and helps improve your logical skills. Also, you get to know a lot of new information and enlarge your general knowledge. If you can stay focused while solving riddles, then you’re probably good at mobilizing yourself!

00:14 – Will this poor guy escape? Unfortunately, he won’t! But can you figure out how come none of the victims managed to escape? Where is the poison? Hard riddle to test your deduction skills!
01:35 – This crime riddle is extremely difficult because the criminal scheme was being elaborated carefully for a long time. It’s almost impossible to reveal the way the killer managed to get rid of one of the brothers without doing any harm to the other one, but there is nothing impossible for a brilliant Detective! Maybe one of the brothers is poison-resistant? Or he just pretended to drink? Who knows… You’re the only one to solve this case and make the killer suffer the consequences!
03:08 – A cool logic riddle that will tease your brain! Can you find the right answer before the time is up?
04:18 – Amazing general knowledge quizzes to test your survival instincts! I’m sure you’ll fail most of these quiz questions as so many movies portray the answers wrong! So be wise, learn fast, one day it might come in handy!
06:30 – My goodness, what are they gonna do now?! The only thing to do would be to find the killer 😡 To do this, we need your help, our dear Detective! So put your hat on and rush to the crime scene ASAP. We need your cold mind and brilliant logic badly. Only you can save us before we create an international incident!
08:36 – A crime riddle that will wow your brain and make you sweat hard! Test your brain power by solving this detective puzzle without answer and prove that you’re an experienced detective🕵 By the way, this one is based on a true story which makes it even more intriguing!
10:08 – So he took her out for dinner, but then something terrible happened! Put on your glasses and investigate the case! Check the crime scene, follow every clue and crack this puzzle wide open!
11:19 – A mysterious riddle that will make your brain burst and your blood freeze! My strong suspicion is that Harry isn’t just dreaming and all this happens to him in real life. This means he is in great danger with the only slight chance to survive. How can he be sure he picks the right one? This will challenge your brain 100% when you try to figure out the way he can identify the safe candy. Remember there is no room for error or Harry will stay in the King’s cave forever. Would you solve this riddle before the time is over?
12:34 – Hey, Detective, put on your hat on and let’s go to the crime scene. I bet you’ll find something interesting there! This tricky riddle will challenge all your mental powers and make you puzzle over until your head spins around. Seriously, did you get how it happened? I didn’t and neither did my friends 🤔

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which of these riddles was the most difficult for you to solve?

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