These tricky brain teasers for adults and riddles for kids will confuse your brain to the absolute max and will nicely work out your logic:

00:14 – Survival riddle – Tricky brain games
A tricky brain game or a survival riddle where you have only one chance to get away alive! Do save your life, you will have to rack your brain hard and come up with a really ingenious solution as the guards will show no pity at all. Take your time and think well, you can even pause the video to think a little bit more and don’t let them confuse you!
01:32 – What’s wrong here? – Picture riddles – Tricky puzzles.
These easy riddles are not so easy! I bet you will fail to find all the mistakes in these tricky pictures. These are the best riddles to test your vision and critical thinking. Not only seeing, but processing what you see – that’s what matters nowadays! 🙂
03:55 – Short riddles – Short quiz to test your logic and attentiveness.
Hey, Detective, this short riddles with answers is a good chance to prove yourself! We will give you no hints to this cool riddle, but in fact you already have everything you need to answer the questions! This visual test will reveal how good you are at gathering of evidence and drawing conclusions. Turn on your brain, concentrate and focus on the scene. I know you can find all the answers!
05:15 – Visual puzzle – Picture puzzles – Odd one out.
These short visual puzzles with answers will test how good your vision is. If you cut through ordinary odd-one-out puzzles like a knife through butter, you should definitely try this one. It has a secret that will totally blow your mind away!
06:43 – Funny riddles to test your brain.
A set of funny riddles about your favorite fairy tale cartoons that will make you roll on the floor laughing. You will get them right only if you look at these stories from the point of view of an ‘adult’ with your sense of humor and a bit of cynicism. Think outside the box and you will easily crack these funny riddles! What headline would you write to your favorite cartoon?
08:07 – Short crime riddle with answer.
This short crime riddle with answer will reveal how strong your deduction skills are. Look at the only evidence we have and try to find out who shot first. You have everything you need to solve the case, so look closely and use your logic and sharp mind. I believe you won’t even need to stop the video as the answer is really simple!
09:14 – Which one is bigger? – Optical illusions.
What a great optical illusion to confuse your brain! But this cool riddle will only trick those who do not have that perfect vision and keen eye we all want to have 🤪 TELL me IN THE COMMENTS if this optical riddle was easy for you (I’m really dying to know!).
10:30 – Who is who? – A personality test.
Just look at the picture, analyze what you see and tell me who the mother is! The hints and clues are all there, but I can’t tell them right now as this picture riddle with answer is actually a personality test that will tell you a lot about yourself!
12:00 – Personality quiz.
Take this amazing personality quiz to find out what the shape of your nose can reveal about your character! By the way, it’s all true about me🤗 I always knew there is nothing random about what we look like!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the Thumbnail riddle (why did she look behind?), it’s so obvious, I’m sure you’ll crack it wide open!

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