10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test 2019

10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test 2019

This video shows 10 survival gadgets put to the test in 2019, Banggood, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Aliexpress, Amazon India and Amazon US | Electronics Gadgets | UNIQUE | NEW TECH GADGETS | Flipkart | Online Shopping

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0:09 The 72 survival system
1:14 4-in-1 woodsman
3:00 Leatherman tread
4:43 AR-7 takedown 22
6:32 Potable aqua
7:45 Tritac
9:10 Survival leash
10:50 SOG Baton Q4 multi-tool
12:06 Firebiner
12:35 SPARtool

10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test 2019

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